Global Terrorism: Worldwide Terrorist Attacks (1970-2015)

Terrorism is a major issue all over the world. Terrorism is, in its broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror or fear, in order to achieve a political, religious, or ideological aim. It is classified as fourth-generation warfare and as a violent crime. In modern times, terrorism is considered a major threat to society and therefore illegal under anti-terrorism laws in most jurisdictions.

Here in this post, I have demonstrated and visualized all the terrorist attacks happened all over the world since 1970, up-to 2015.

You can set the parameters from the right hand side of the dashboard by choosing the Year, Month and Day of the attacks you want to view and you will be shown, on the map, all the attacks on the selected date.


If you wish to see the attacks on one, or more countries at once, you can also select the names of countries from the drop-down list


Finally, on the bottom of the map, we have the numbers. The information shown is the number of civilians dead and wound during the attacks, the number of terrorists killed during the operation, the total number of suicide attacks, and the damage posed (in billions) to the property for the selected year.

You can also hover over a particular spot and get more information about the attack.

Check out the viz here:

Global Terrorism Database (1970-2015)

Thanks for reading the post 🙂


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